Actionable health information

The gut microbiome is a leading area for new medical insights, supported by many emerging discoveries and a growing evidence base showing its importance in human health.

Practitioners and patients are becoming increasingly aware of the effectiveness of gut microbiome testing as part of health management. Through precise analysis of the gut microbiome, we can provide new and actionable information on patients’ health.

We offer bespoke health management solutions, suitable for both patient-led and practitioner-led ordering. Our comprehensive analysis provides evidence-based information and actionable dietary interventions to respond to each individual’s specific gut microbiome.

Test with Microba precision

Actionable recommendations

Our accurate measurement enables targeted interventions to promote the growth of beneficial bacteria.

Species-level identification

Our identification of microorganisms and their metabolic functions gives improved understanding of the microbiome’s association with health status.

Knowledge leadership

We use the latest scientific technologies and evidence to provide comprehensive gut microbiome analysis.

Non-invasive sampling kit

Our innovative swab makes sample collection simple and does not require liquid or cold storage for transportation.
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Knowledge transforms possibilities

“We are microbiome specialists who use the power of the latest technology and research to advance human health.”
Professor Philip Hugenholtz Co-founder

Become a partner in this evolving science

We can work with you to develop a microbiome testing product to meet your needs. Our partnership includes sharing education and new evidence as the science continues to evolve. You will access the benefits of our new discoveries and develop a deep level of insight that can be life changing for patients.