Growing our impact

Microba, and its world-leading technology that powers Insight™ gut microbiome analysis, has quickly been recognised as an innovative biotechnology leader with unique capabilities in its metagenomic analysis of the gut microbiome.

Since launching Insight™ in Australia in 2018, we have continued to build on our analysis capabilities to reveal more of the microbiome and its relationships to health and wellbeing. This has led to updates to our comprehensive gut microbiome analysis provided through the Insight™ report, and valuable new insights into the gut microbiome’s role in a number of diseases and health conditions which can be used to improve patient outcomes.

We have always had a global outlook in bringing microbiome science to where it can continually advance the innovation of health care, and we’re growing in our reach to transform human health. As we progress on this journey, individuals can continue to access our world-leading gut microbiome analysis to reach more informed decisions regarding gut health.

Insight™ is a powerful, evidence-based gut microbiome test that allows you to learn about your unique microbial community in unprecedented detail and identifies dietary suggestions to promote the growth of beneficial bacteria.

Comprehensive gut microbiome testing with Insight™

Why test your gut?

Learn about your unique microbial community and receive important insights to inform lifestyle choices which may improve your overall health and wellbeing.

What will you learn?

Receive a personalised report, with evidence-based insights and recommendations to nourish your microbiome based on your unique results.

How the test works

A simple, at-home test makes collecting your sample easy. Non-invasive collection is quick and easy and is returned to our lab by express post.

Support with your results

Speak to a healthcare professional using the Microbiome Coach service and find other qualified healthcare professionals who can assist you on your Insight™ journey.
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Evidence-based insights

"Insight™ gut microbiome analysis aims to empower both patients and practitioners to reach more informed, evidence-based decisions regarding gut health."
Dr Alena Pribyl Senior Scientist, Microba

Unlock new possibilities

Every person’s microbial community is unique and includes an individualised balance of both desirable and less-beneficial microorganisms - a balance that can play a significant role in your overall wellbeing.

The Insight™ gut microbiome analysis provides a comprehensive view of your gut microbiome, using our proprietary analysis platform. This non-invasive test provides detailed information about the microorganisms inhabiting an individual’s gut and how they function. With this information, you can make informed lifestyle choices to optimise your microbiome for your overall health and wellbeing.

Explore your gut microbiome with Insight™

Who is living in your gut

A comprehensive list of the bacterial species in your gut microbiome and the functions they perform.

Key insights relating to health

Descriptions of how the microorganisms identified can contribute to your health, based on the latest research.

Personalised food suggestions

Receive a list of foods containing prebiotics known to promote the growth of beneficial bacteria living in your gut microbiome.

Monitor your microbiome

Monitor how your gut microbiome changes over time with lifestyle adjustments.
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Common questions

  • Has the Insight™ gut microbiome test changed?

    No. The Insight™ gut microbiome analysis has not changed, and is still available to order online at A report allows you to learn about your unique gut microbiome in high-resolution. If you are interested in learning what your “normal” gut microbiome looks like, it is best to collect a sample at a time when you have maintained your regular daily habits and diet for at least two weeks prior to sampling. Please note Insight™ gut microbiome analysis is intended to be used for informational purposes only. It is not a diagnostic tool and cannot be used to diagnose or treat medical conditions.

    For further frequently asked questions, visit: or contact us directly.

  • Where is the Insight™ test available?

    You can order an Insight™ gut microbiome analysis at Anyone in Australia can order an Insight™ test online with free express delivery.

    For further frequently asked questions, visit: or contact us directly.

  • Who processes my sample and information?

    The Insight™ gut microbiome analysis is processed and analysed at Microba’s laboratory in Brisbane, Australia.

    For further frequently asked questions, visit: or contact us directly.

Empowering practitioners

As science continues to discover new connections between the gut microbiome and overall health, it becomes increasingly important to consider the role of microbiome testing in clinical practice.

The Insight™ gut microbiome analysis is a valuable tool for practitioners, providing in-depth information on a patient’s unique gut microbiome to better inform clinical decision making with evidence-based insights. Microba is dedicated to improving patient outcomes, and helping healthcare practitioners develop a deeper understanding of their patients’ gut microbiomes and its influence on health.

To support practitioners in implementing gut microbiome analysis in their practice, Microba delivers training to qualified health professionals in Australia through the Insight™ program.

Empowering both practitioners and individuals

Comprehensive training

Learn from the expert team at Microba on gut microbiome analysis and why metagenomics is needed for clinically relevant testing.

Microba Informed Practitioner

Refer patients easily and quickly either online or in person, and gain access to their microbiome reports.

Clinical support resources

Detailed and up-to-date resources to maximise your use of the Insight™ analysis and report in your practice.

One-on-one support

Specialised support from the healthcare team to assist in interpreting your patient’s report.
Connecting Insight™ with healthcare