Precision microbiome analysis

As a research partner, we empower your discoveries by giving you access to superior metagenomic analysis of the microbiome

Our analysis platform achieves the most comprehensive coverage of the microbiome to inform your study. With precise and comprehensive measurement of the microbiome, you can identify accurate signals that are missed with other sequencing and bioinformatics methods. Using a genome-based metagenomic classifier and leveraging our expansive reference database, we excel in high-resolution characterisation of microbial communities and their functional potential, including previously uncharacterised species.

By capturing the broader complexity of the microbiome, you can identify species, genes and pathways that are critical to your research. Our expertise in applying advanced data science and AI techniques to rich metagenomic data can reveal novel biomarkers and relationships to health that can be harnessed for innovative products, therapies and diagnostics.

With a deep understanding of the composition and function of the microbiome, we can provide exploratory and statistical data analysis, as well as assistance with interpretation of results, to help you uncover strong microbial signatures, new treatment opportunities and effective strategies to improve human health.

Our end-to-end capabilities in microbiome analysis are driving new discovery across a range of research and development projects.


Our microbiome analysis is optimised to produce accurate and robust data to answer critical research questions

Superior sampling method

Easy-to-use swab helps ensure high participant-compliance rates and accurately preserves the microbial sample.

High-throughput sequencing

We guarantee comprehensive and reliable results by using world-class laboratory standards and shotgun metagenomic sequencing.

Curated reference database

Discover more organisms that are critical to your research outcomes through access to our enriched proprietary database, including novel bacterial species.

Accurate community profiling

Profile species and metabolic functions in your microbiome samples to an unprecedented level of accuracy using our Microba Community Profiler.
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Empowering high quality research

Combining our advanced bioinformatics with a growing reference database of known and novel species, our analysis identifies new microorganisms to be investigated for their significance in human health.
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Accuracy is the key

“The powerful analysis of our unique platform gives unprecedented ability to make new discoveries.”
Professor Gene Tyson Co-founder

Our expertise helps you get more from your research

The complex nature of the microbiome, and the many ways it interacts with human health, often means advanced approaches are required to uncover meaningful insights from the data.

Our experienced team of data scientists and bioinformaticians can act as consultants and support you in study design, exploratory and statistical data analysis, and results interpretation drawing on our deep understanding of the composition and function of the gut microbiome.

Precise and comprehensive measurement

Accurately identifying the microbial species present in samples and capturing the complexity of the microbial community uncovers which microorganisms and microbial functions are driving human health.

We benchmarked our profiling technology against publicly available alternatives to demonstrate the precision of our analysis.

Accurate sample preservation

With an increasing number of studies using gut microbiome analyses for the discovery of disease biomarkers and therapeutic targets, it is essential that the methods used to collect and store samples can provide accurate, stable and reproducible results.

We used metagenomic analysis of human stool samples to benchmark the technical and compositional reproducibility of Microba’s sample collection device against commonly used preservation methods.

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Make new discoveries with our precision analysis

We empower partners with access to an end-to-end solution for microbiome research. We are always willing to discuss how we can apply our expertise to support your microbiome discovery and research goals.