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Scientific rigour at every stage

As a research partner, we empower your discoveries by giving you access to superior metagenomic analysis of the gut microbiome

Our proprietary analysis platform achieves the most comprehensive coverage of the microbiome to inform your study, enabling you to make novel discoveries that are simply not possible with other technologies. Using a genome-based metagenomic classifier and leveraging our expansive reference database, we excel in high-precision characterisation of microbial communities and their functional potential.

We can help you execute your study with our end-to-end support. This allows you to discover species, genes and pathways, which in turn reveal novel relationships and biomarkers that cannot be identified through other microbiome measurement methods.

Our approach presents innovative opportunities for academic and industry projects. It is backed by our stable sample collection method, our high quality, single-process laboratory, and leading bioinformatic tools, which ensure high accuracy and a low number of false positives.

Research with Microba precision

Superior sampling method

Easy-to-use swab helps ensure high participant-compliance rates and accurately preserves the microbial sample.

High-throughput sequencing

We guarantee comprehensive and reliable results by using world-class laboratory standards and shotgun metagenomic sequencing.

Curated reference database

Discover more organisms that are critical to your research outcomes through access to our enriched proprietary database, including novel bacterial species.

Accurate taxonomic profiling

Profile species and metabolic functions in your microbiome samples to an unprecedented level of accuracy using our leading bioinformatic tools.
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Accuracy is the key

“The powerful analysis of our unique platform gives unprecedented ability to make new discoveries.”
Professor Gene Tyson Chief Scientist & Co-founder

Our expertise helps you get more from research

Our experienced team of scientists and bioinformaticians can act as consultants and support you in study design for academic, clinical or industry needs; metadata collection and confounder assessment; and project troubleshooting.

We can also help with exploratory and statistical data analysis, and results interpretation drawing on our deep understanding of the composition and function of the gut microbiome.