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Advanced analytics for translatable results

Generate meaningful insights from your data

The complex nature of the microbiome, and its interaction with health, often requires advanced approaches to identify robust signals.

Microba’s experienced team can support your project to answer complex research questions and assist with interpretation of results.

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  • Custom analytics solutions
  • Advanced artificial intelligence
  • Machine learning methods to study host–microbe interactions
  • Ecology, nutrition and data science expertise
  • Experience in microbiome discovery
  • Support with results interpretation
  • Bespoke analyses for your research question

    Exploratory and statistical analyses to identify species, genes and pathways relevant to your study.
  • Advanced AI and biostatistic approaches

    Explore complex microbiome data with its associated metadata to find robust signals from your dataset.
  • Support in results interpretation

    Expert team in microbiome science, ecology, nutrition and data science to interpret the impact of your findings.

Other services

  • Strain Tracking

    • Strain level analysis
    • Isolate characterization
  • Sequencing

    • Metagenomic sequencing
    • Automated workflow
  • Bioinformatics

    • Strain tracking
    • Genome mining
  • Strain Isolation & Screening

    • Robust isolation
    • Growth optimization

Leverage our expertise to get more from your research

Our experience in microbiome discovery means we are driven to not only find strong signals, but understand what is driving them and why they are significant.
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Analysis Platform

Measure the microbiome with unparalleled coverage

Our end-to-end solution for microbiome analysis is optimised at every step to ensure consistent and reliable results for your research.
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