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Discover microbiome signals for novel biomarkers

Reveal new biology in health and disease

Accurately measuring the microorganisms in the microbiome, and their genes, means novel microbial signatures can be investigated for their significance in human health.

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  • Treatment response indicators
  • Novel organisms for treatments
  • Multiple diagnostic opportunities
  • Discover prognostic biomarkers

Achieve unparalleled coverage of the microbiome

  • Access novel species

    The presence or absence of previously uncultured species in your condition of interest can be a source of new discovery.
  • Reveal functional insights

    Genes and pathways revealed by genome-based metagenomic profiling leveraging a curated reference genome database.
  • Confidence in your data

    Leading bioinformatic tools for community profiling ensure a low number of false positives for robust results.
  • Advanced artificial intelligence approaches

    Support to identify microbiome associations and accurate species or functional signals from complex datasets.
  • Bespoke analysis & results interpretation

    Data analysis and interpretation support drawing on our deep understanding of the composition and function of the microbiome.
  • Optimised workflows for reliable results

    Every step of the analysis process is optimised for accurate and reliable results.

Our expertise helps you get more from research

With a deep understanding of the composition and function of the microbiome, we work closely with our clients to ensure you get the most out of your research study into the microbiome.
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Measure the microbiome with precision

Our end-to-end solution for microbiome analysis is optimised at every step to ensure consistent and reliable results for your research.
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