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Generate robust microbiome data for your clinical study

Discover biological impacts of treatments

The microbiome’s central role in health makes it an important system to examine in the development and testing of new therapies.

With highly accurate metagenomic analysis of the microbiome throughout your trial, you can be confident about the safety and impact of your therapy at each stage of development and testing.

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  • Assess safety and impact during treatment
  • Monitor for response indicators
  • Stratify patient populations
  • Identify potential microbiome-drug interactions
  • Uncover mechanisms of action

Evaluate how the microbiome responds

  • Track species of interest

    High-resolution identification of species to reveal important differences between closely related species and their functions.
  • Reveal functional insights

    Genes and pathways revealed by genome-based metagenomic profiling leveraging a curated reference genome database.
  • High accuracy profiling

    Leading bioinformatic tools for community profiling, ensuring a low number of false positives for robust results.
  • Optimised workflows for reliable results

    Every step, from sample collection and processing to how the sequence data is analysed, is optimised for accurate and reliable results.
  • Lab with international accreditation

    Sample processing and data generation in a highly-automated, single-process laboratory with ISO15189 accreditation.
  • Bespoke analysis & results interpretation

    Draw on our deep understanding of the composition and function of the gut microbiome for support with data analysis and interpretation.

Access end-to-end study support

We can help you execute your study, from accessing our sample collection or community profiling technologies to analysing your results, for accurate data and meaningful insights.
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Analysis Platform

Monitor the microbiome with precision

Our end-to-end solution for microbiome analysis is optimised at every step to ensure consistent and reliable results for your research.
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