Microba-led content series


Driving New Discovery with Precision Microbiome Analysis & Advanced AI

September 15, 2021

Professor Gene Tyson, Co-founder, Microba Life Sciences
Associate Professor Lutz Krause, Chief Scientific Officer, Microba Life Sciences
Dr Alena Pribyl, Senior Scientist and Research Officer, Microba Life Sciences

With unequivocal evidence demonstrating the critical role the gut microbiome has in human health, microbiome research is at a new frontier. This new phase of discovery is harnessing the microbiome for innovative products, therapies and diagnostics. Precise and comprehensive measurement of the microbiome is required to realise these opportunities.

In this virtual event, experts from Microba Life Sciences will discuss how advancements in metagenomic analysis techniques are revealing novel biomarkers and relationships from the microbiome. Using its optimised platform for collecting samples, generating and interpreting metagenomic data, Microba identifies accurate signals and strong leads that are missed with other sequencing and bioinformatics methods to measure the microbiome.

By capturing the broader complexity of the microbiome, including previously uncharacterised species, and applying advanced data science and AI techniques to the data, researchers can identify species, genes and pathways that are critical to their research questions. This level of resolution is essential for the development of accurate biomarkers or effective strategies to restore healthy microbiome function.

Combining this high-resolution analysis with extensive knowledge of microbiome biology is uncovering the mechanisms of action in which the microbiome is driving human health, opening the opportunity to make new discoveries across a range of research and development projects.