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Discover evidence-based product opportunities from the microbiome

Inform your product development by mining microbiome data

Explore a rich databank of microbiome samples to discover health and disease-associated organisms, and the factors that drive their growth, to develop evidence-based products.

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  • Evidence-based prebiotic, probiotics and postbiotics
  • Microbiome modulating food products
  • Personalised interventions
  • Inform probiotic development

Data-driven discovery of microbiome targeting products

  • Compare cohort microbiomes

    Understand microbiome community signatures to inform personalised interventions.
  • Find complex microbial signals

    Leverage advanced AI and biostatistics to reveal differences in species, genes and pathways.
  • Connect features with health

    Identify dietary and lifestyle factors promoting health-associated species.
  • Explore intricate relationships

    Investigate microbiome data with diet, health, taxonomic and functional data.
  • Understand mechanisms of action

    Examine diversity of genetic functions to guide product formulation.
  • Reveal novel species as leads

    Access previously undescribed species by mining genomic data.

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Our expert team in microbiome science, ecology, nutrition and data science can support your project to interpret complex associations for translatable results.
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Harness the microbiome-health connection

Develop new health solutions from the human gut microbiome by understanding its connection to health and disease.
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