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Discover evidence-based product opportunities from the microbiome

Inform your product development by mining microbiome data

Explore Microba's rich databank of metagenomic, health and nutritional data, or enrich your own data with our tools and expertise.

Discover health and disease-associated organisms, and the factors that drive their growth, to develop evidence-based products.

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  • Evidence-based prebiotics, probiotics, synbiotics and postbiotics
  • Targeted microbiome modulation by nutrients and whole foods
  • Development of personalised interventions
  • Product testing in clinical studies for efficacy assessment

Data-driven discovery of microbiome targeting products

  • Toward personalised products

    Identify microbiome profile signatures of target groups to inform personalised nutrition product development.
  • Navigate complex microbial signals

    Combine big data, advanced biostatistics and AI to reveal clear signals.
  • Inform targeted supplement formulation

    Leverage advanced tools and a rich human databank to formulate evidence-based pre, pro and synbiotic formulations.
  • Leverage real-world data

    Explore microbiome, diet and health associations from a large, consistently collected cohort databank.
  • Understand mechanisms of action

    Examine microbiome gene, enzyme and pathway information to support product impact mechanisms.
  • Next-gen probiotic opportunities

    Access a new class of evidence-based probiotics with targeted health impacts.

Leverage our discovery expertise

Microbiome discovery involves large, complex datasets. Our expert team in microbiome science, ecology, nutrition and data science can support your project to interpret these complex associations for translatable results.
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Discovery Platform

Harness the microbiome-health connection

Develop new health solutions from the microbiome with the expert knowledge and comprehensive data required to identify specific drivers of health.
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