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Annual scientific meeting highlights applications for metagenomics and data analysis

Microbiome analysis experts from Microba Life Sciences, Associate Professor Lutz Krause and Dr David Wood, will discuss the practical applications of leading sequencing method metagenomics in microbiome discovery at the Australian Society for Microbiology Annual Scientific Meeting on 31st May.

The online workshop, hosted by global leaders in DNA sequencing and array-based technologies, Illumina, will discuss all aspects of the metagenomic workflow. This will include experimental design considerations, practical implementations and bioinformatic data analysis.

An internationally recognised expert in the application of machine learning to microbiome big data and Microba Chief Scientific Officer, Associate Professor Krause, will discuss how his team are using big data and artificial intelligence to discover new therapies and diagnostic biomarkers for disease states such as Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Associate Professor Krause will be joined by Microba’s Head of Bioinformatics Operations Dr David Wood, a leading bioinformatician in Australia, whose presentation will delve into the applications of bioinformatics to discover the role of the microbiome in human health and disease.

Dr Wood will discuss measurement of the microbiome using precision bioinformatics, sharing his expertise in the development of bioinformatic methodologies and data processing pipelines.

The workshop also features Hudson Institute of Medical Research’s Dr Sam Forster, who will present an overview of the applications of metagenomics, and Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity’s George Taiaroa who will explain the microbiome’s implications for human disease.

The aim of the workshop is to provide delegates with an update on the emerging applications of metagenomics and the opportunity to learn from the experienced scientists who are currently utilising metagenomics in a practical setting.

Associate Professor Krause explained that metagenomics had become the leading DNA sequencing method in recent years, providing a significant advantage of the previous standard approach of 16SrRNA which looked to one single gene common to all bacteria and estimated the species present.

“This new gold standard, which Microba uses in conjunction with Illumina’s suite of sequencing tools, is an advanced type of DNA sequencing which looks at all of the genes within microbial communities and indicates what these unidentified species are capable of, even if the species has not previously been grown in the lab to be studied.”

Chief Scientific Officer, Associate Professor Lutz Krause.

Microba recently announced a partnership with Illumina to accelerate microbiome research by pairing its high-quality proprietary gut microbiome analysis platform with the latter’s revolutionising Next Generation Sequencing tools.

This partnership will generate the accurate metagenomic microbiome data researchers require to make new discoveries.

Using Illumina’s tools, Microba’s proprietary analysis platform empowers researchers to reveal important connections and make new discoveries with accurate measurement of the gut microbiome.

Powered by precision analysis, Microba’s end-to-end support includes a validated sample collection method, shotgun metagenomic sequencing and leading bioinformatics analysis.

About the event

The Australian Society for Microbiology’s 2021 conference will be held online from 31 May until 3 June. The event features internationally recognised experts from microbiology and related fields including big data approaches, microbiome science, immunity and superbugs, bioinformatics and artificial intelligence for treatment of disease.