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Microba and Aviwell announce partnership to accelerate the development of Direct Fed Microbials for the livestock industry

Microba Life Sciences (ASX: MAP) (“Microba”) is pleased to announce a new partnership with Aviwell, an agrifood data and life science technology company headquartered in Toulouse, France and with offices in Boston, USA. The new strategic partnership will combine Microba’s world leading technology and experience in metagenomics and precision microbiome measurement with Aviwell’s extensive capabilities in microbiome multi-omics analyses, bioinformatics, microbial isolation and culture, and in-vivo field applications.

Together, Microba and Aviwell will accelerate the identification and commercialisation of valuable and sustainable DFMs that will greatly improve the efficiency of animal health and growth for the worldwide livestock industry.

The animal gut microbiome hosts thousands of diverse bacteria that play a powerful role in animal health and growth. In recent years, scientists have developed a deeper understanding of the relationship between specific bacteria residing in animals’ gut microbiome and various other health and growth characteristics, leading to growing interest in the agrifood industry.

Through leveraging Microba’s world-leading microbial genomic sequencing and microbiome measurement capabilities alongside Aviwell’s multi-omics analyses and field application knowledge, the partnership will facilitate the identification and commercialisation of DFMs for the global livestock industry.

Speaking on the partnership, Microba CEO Dr Luke Reid said:

“We are excited to partner with Aviwell, an innovative microbiome focused agrifood company, to help accelerate their discovery programs. Combining Microba’s world-leading microbiome measurement tools with Aviwell’s novel approach to developing DFMs, together we aim to revolutionise the livestock industry. This partnership demonstrates the application of Microba’s technology and expertise beyond the human microbiome.”

Dr Luke Reid, Microba CEO

Aviwell CEO, Mouli Ramani said, “Aviwell’s mission is to develop natural and sustainable solutions to improve animal growth and provide food security to the 8 billion people worldwide at a fraction of today’s cost. Our solutions are based on 30 years of pioneering university research into the molecular basis of the microbiota gut-brain axis and innovative artificial intelligence techniques. We are always looking for ways to expand our pipeline and improve our product offerings. This strategic partnership with Microba will accelerate the commercialisation of our DFMs and help us realise our core mission. We couldn’t be more excited.”

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About Aviwell

Aviwell is a deep tech agrifood start-up headquartered in Toulouse, France and with offices in Boston, USA operating at the intersection of Life and Data Sciences. Based on 30 years of pioneering University research in glycemic control in the gut-brain axis, intestinal microbiota, and deep insights into relational databases and hybrid AI/ML techniques as applied to agrifood. Aviwell is developing a revolutionary hybrid AI-based Discovery Platform to identify unique insights into animal health, growth, and performance. Aviwell is developing revolutionary feed solutions that significantly improve animal growth and health for the agrifood industry worldwide. Aviwell’s mission is to develop natural and sustainable solutions to improve animal health to better nourish and provide food security to the 8 billion people on our planet … And to do so at a fraction of the cost. Please visit