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Microba and BioAgilytix announce partnership to fast-track therapeutic delivery

Microba Life Sciences (ASX: MAP) (“Microba”) is pleased to announce a new partnership with BioAgilytix, a leading provider of global bioanalytical laboratory services, to enable innovators to confidently leverage microbiome endpoints in their clinical trials.

There is unequivocal evidence demonstrating the bi-directional interactions between the gut microbiome and host systems including metabolism and the immune system, through multiple signalling mechanisms. This makes the microbiome an important system to examine in the development and testing of new therapies. Studying the microbiome’s interactions with drug products can yield new insights on safety, efficacy and more.

The new partnership will leverage BioAgilytix’s advanced bioanalytical laboratory solutions including assay development, validation and sample analysis alongside Microba’s world-leading technology and bioinformatic solutions for measuring the microbiome to deliver superior outcomes for clients at each stage of the drug development process.

Commenting on the new partnership, Microba Chief Scientific Officer, Lutz Krause said, “BioAgilytix applies world-leading bioanalytical solutions to produce quality clinical trial output. We are excited about this partnership, which will better enable microbiome measurement and interpretation in drug development.”

BioAgilytix Chief Scientific Officer, Jim McNally said:

“We are excited to partner with Microba’s world-leading technology for measuring the human microbiome. Leveraging Microba’s end-to-end support for clinical trial applications with our expertise in assay development, validation, and sample analysis will enable clients to discover new relationships between the microbiome, health, and disease.”

Jim McNally, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer, BioAgilytix

Through applying precision microbiome analysis to measure and understand the impact of interventional therapies, both companies expect to continue to advance understanding of the microbiome’s complex makeup, and its direct and indirect interaction with drugs.

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