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Presenting a human-first, data-driven approach to therapeutic discovery

Microba Life Science’s Head of Data Mining and Artificial Intelligence Associate Professor Lutz Krause will feature on the agenda for the 5th Microbiome Movement Drug Development Summit Europe, held 27-29 January 2021 as an interactive, online event.

This event presents an opportunity for scientists across academia and the biopharmaceutical industries to come together to create a new generation of microbiome-derived therapeutics.

Associate Professor Krause will speak to delegates on the human-first, data-driven approach to therapeutic discovery that Microba employs in their therapeutic program targeting Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

An internationally recognised expert in the application of machine learning to microbiome big data, Associate Professor Krause oversees biostatistics at Microba. His current work involves identifying therapeutic leads and developing diagnostics using artificial intelligence for unmet clinical needs.

“Precise, comprehensive measurement of the human gut microbiome is required to unlock this rich source of novel therapeutics.” Associate Professor Lutz Krause, Head of Data Mining and Artificial Intelligence.

Microba Head of Data Mining and Artificial Intelligence, Associate Professor Lutz Krause.

Associate Professor Krause’ presentation “Data directed discovery of microbiome-derived therapeutics” will be available on Thursday 28 January (London time) for delegates and will discuss:

  1. Developing therapeutic leads through precision microbiome science.

2. A novel human-first drug discovery approach leveraging a large proprietary dataset.

3. Preclinical results demonstrating mucosal healing and epithelial restitution.

For more information about the Summit and the full agenda, view MMDD webpage.

To find out more about Associate Professor Lutz Krause, you can read his profile.

To learn more about Microba’s therapeutic discovery programs, please contact Mark Parker Global Business Development