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Microbiome research: the new frontier

With evidence now unequivocally demonstrating the gut microbiome plays a critical role in human health, harnessing the microbiome for innovative products, therapies and diagnostics has become the new frontier.

Microbiome experts from Microba Life Sciences will discuss the next phase of discovery from the microbiome to a global audience via a series of webinars on 15 September (PST 10am-12pm | EST 1-3pm | CET 7pm).

High-profile experts in their respective fields, Professor Gene Tyson, Associate Professor Lutz Krause and Dr Alena Pribyl will discuss how advancements in metagenomic analysis techniques are revealing novel biomarkers and relationships from the microbiome. The trio will also explore the latest advancements in measuring the microbiome and interpreting complex data and how partners can benefit from such precision.

The event will focus on the application of new technologies for analysing the gut microbiome and the application of artificial intelligence techniques to big datasets to uncover new opportunities across a broad range of research and development projects.

Discovering novel biomarkers and therapeutics

Accurate measurement of the microbiome is critical for ensuring researchers are not following false leads and have access to comprehensive data to identify and isolate medically relevant biomarkers to transform human health.

Well-respected microbial ecologist, Microba Co-founder and head of microbiome research at Queensland University of Technology, Professor Gene Tyson, will demonstrate how precise and comprehensive microbiome analysis and data-driven methods enable the discovery of novel biomarkers.

“Uncultured species are consistently emerging as key signals across health and disease cohorts and must be considered when developing microbiome-derived therapeutics or diagnostic applications.”

Microba Co-founder, Professor Gene Tyson.

Using data from Microba’s internal research and development programs, Professor Tyson will demonstrate the impact of this approach for biomarker and therapeutic discovery based on a deeper understanding of the gut microbiome and how these organisms are driving human health.

Identifying new product opportunities

The growing evidence on the importance of the microbiome in human health and disease has also identified the microbiome as a source for innovative products to improve human health. This new frontier has resulted in increased understanding of the value that high-resolution metagenomic data sets and rich metadata bring for product discovery and innovation.

Internationally recognised expert in the application of artificial intelligence (AI) to microbiome big data and Microba Chief Scientific Officer, Associate Professor Lutz Krause, will present preliminary data on the identification of new microbiome signals across people exhibiting high anxiety compared to healthy controls.

Associate Professor Krause will discuss how comprehensive measurement of the microbiome enables a rich data set to assist in novel discovery, and how the application of advanced analytics and AI can identify meaningful species or functions as signals for nutritional product leads from the microbiome.

Uncovering new relationships to health

High-resolution metagenomic analysis, combined with extensive knowledge of microbiome biology, can uncover the mechanisms of action in which the microbiome is influencing health and disease. This is critical to understand whether an intervention is having a positive or negative impact on the microbiome.

Senior scientist and research officer, Dr Alena Pribyl, will demonstrate how Microba’s approach to analysing the microbiome provides superior resolution for the identification of microorganisms and their functions. Underpinning this approach is a sample collection and preservation method that has been validated in a robust, peer-reviewed study in ISME Communications, and bioinformatics that have been demonstrated to outperform industry leading tools in a paper in Frontiers in Microbiology.

Dr Pribyl will show how Microba’s analysis platform can enable research partners to identify species, genes and pathways that are critical to their research questions. By considering the complexity of the microbiome, and measuring it accurately, researchers can leverage the microbiome to develop effective strategies for restoring healthy microbiome function.

This virtual event is a must-attend for those interested in advances in microbiome research and the opportunities that can be discovered through precision microbiome analysis.

About the event

This virtual event hosted by Global Engage will consist of three webinars with Professor Gene Tyson, Associate Professor Lutz Krause and Dr Alena Pribyl. Register now for this key event to hear from these leading microbiome experts and learn how Microba is partnering with global leaders to turn discoveries into transformative solutions for improving human health.

Wednesday 15 September (PST 10am-12pm | EST 1-3pm | CET 7pm).

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