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Deploy a market-leading microbiome testing solution

Meet the growing demand for actionable health information from the microbiome with a test tailored to your market and powered by Microba’s leading technology.

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  • Comprehensive microbiome report
  • Advanced metagenomic analysis
  • Extensively validated technology
  • Market specific deployments
  • Multi-language support

Solutions for consumer health

Simple at-home microbiome testing for individuals seeking to monitor and improve their health. A personalised report delivers evidence-based insights and recommendations based on their unique microbiome.

Solutions for healthcare providers

Detailed view of the microbiome species and their functions to support clinical decision-making. Integrated references to the latest research enable a deeper understanding of a patient’s gut microbiome.

Solutions for pathogen detection

Hypothesis-free clinical stool testing enabling better management for susceptible and high-risk patient groups. MetaPanel™ is an untargeted metagenomic assay with ISO15189 accreditation.
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Access a range of flexible solutions

Our scalable platform enables distribution partners across the world to deliver microbiome testing products into new markets.
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Powering Partner Solutions

Global capability for microbiome testing

  • Digital health solutions

    Scalable technology for a range of report delivery options, such as PDF or interactive format.
  • Optimised lab processing

    Reliable data quality with lab protocols for sample processing developed over 20 years.
  • Quality assurance workflows

    Expertise in enabling external labs to implement high quality microbiome sequencing.
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Analysis Platform

An end-to-end solution for microbiome analysis

Our testing products are powered by Microba’s core technology for measuring the microbiome with metagenomics, developed over more than 15 years.
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