Diagnostic platform

Uncovering new biology for diagnostic applications

Microba’s biomarker discovery platform uses precise microbiome analysis and advanced artificial intelligence approaches.

We are dedicated to improving patient outcomes by providing clinicians with relevant biomarkers to improve clinical decision-making.

Our diagnostic approach

Diagnosing disease accurately and predicting response to therapies are still major challenges in a range of health conditions. The microbiome is a rich source of medically-relevant biomarkers that can be targeted to develop therapeutics or create diagnostic tools. Because the gut microbiome can be adjusted, informed clinicians can optimise the biomarkers associated with treatment response.

Our biomarker discovery process uses our powerful analysis platform and leading informatic approaches to achieve superior resolution, access novel uncultured bacteria and ensure minimal false positives.

Our artificial intelligence capability allows us to rapidly identify diagnostic microbiome signatures from enormous datasets.

Another emerging application of microbiome data is in predicting response to therapy. Microbial species in the gut can modulate the immune system and de-activate or re-activate drugs, which can affect how well a therapy works. By identifying microbial signatures associated with treatment response, we can not only start to understand the biology associated with response, but also how to manipulate the microbiome to improve a patient’s likelihood of response.

Powering diagnostic tools

"Predicting response to therapy is transformative for patients and for healthcare costs."
Dr Jakob Begun Practising Clinical Gastroenterologist

Our diagnostic programs

Through comprehensively and precisely measuring the human gut microbiome, we discover new biomarkers and power new diagnostic tools.

Program Stage Milestone Collaborator
ICI Response Prediction Discovery POC -
NASH Non-invasive Diagnostic Test Discovery POC -
Anti-TNF, Anti-Integrin outcome prediction Discovery POC -
Hypothesis-Free Pathogen Detection NATA accreditation Approval Process -
IBS Sub-typing Discovery -