Driven to discover

We know humanity is on the verge of some of the most exciting medical advances of the 21st century.

At Microba Life Sciences, we analyse the microbiome to help the world understand disease, develop new diagnostic tools and discover novel therapeutics.

We are determined to be the research powerhouse behind new advancements using the gut microbiome and we will achieve this by continually increasing and refining the precision of our analysis to discover ever-deeper insights into the relationships between gut microorganisms and health.

We believe in working together with international partners to fast track these new advances. The potential is too big for one company to do it alone so it is important that we find partners who share our passion and our scientific rigour.

In short, we believe in transforming human health over the coming decades through a continual evolution in diagnosing and treating, based on ever more precise analysis of the microbiome.

Our innovative team

Professor Ian Frazer AC

Deputy Chairman of the Board, Chair of Medical Advisory Board

Professor Gene Tyson

Co-founder, Non-Executive Director

Professor Philip Hugenholtz

Co-founder, Chair of Scientific Advisory Board

Associate Professor Lutz Krause

Head of Data-Mining and Artificial Intelligence

Blake Wills

Chief Executive Officer

Dr Luke Holtham Reid


Associate Professor Jake Begun

Medical Advisory Board, IBD Advisory Panel

Dr Caroline Popper

Non-Executive Director

Holly Bauzon

Vice President, Commercial Development

Dr Nicola Angel

Head of Laboratory Operations

Dr Páraic Ó Cuív

Lead, Live Biotherapeutics

Associate Professor Paul Griffin

Medical Advisory Board

Pasquale Rombola

Chairman of the Board

Dr Alena Pribyl

Senior Scientist and Research Officer

Dr Kylie Ellis

Manager of Research and Commercial Partnerships

Dr David Wood

Head of Bioinformatics Operations

Dr Hyungtae Kim

Non-Executive Director

James Heath

Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary

Dr Ken McGrath

Clinical Solutions Manager

Drew Webb

Chief Marketing Officer

Dr Paula Smith-Brown

Clinical Science Lead

Associate Professor Chris Hogan

Medical Advisory Board

Yao Liu

Chief Technology Officer