Our Therapeutic Platform

A unique, repeatable platform for microbial therapeutic leads

Developing novel therapeutics from the human microbiome

The uncultured portion of the human gut microbiome, which is the majority of microbial species, represents untapped therapeutic opportunity.

Microba has established a platform for drug discovery and development that leverages a growing, proprietary Databank of human microbiome samples and associated metadata.

Precision techniques enable access to novel microbial therapeutic leads and rapid progression from identified lead to isolated monoclonal bacterial strain.

  • Cross-validation and confidence in clinical progression
  • State-of-the-art facilities for anaerobic microbiology
  • Proprietary genome-directed isolation (GDI) approach
  • Team expertise in culturing fastidious gut microbes

Human first, data-driven approach

  • Global databank of microbiome samples

    Over 15,000 consistently collected human metagenomes analysed with our world-leading microbiome profiling technology.
  • Data-driven lead identification

    Advanced bioinformatics, AI and biostatistics identify the key species and sub species which differentiate healthy and diseased individuals.
  • Genome-directed isolation technique

    State-of-the-art facilities and proprietary genome-directed isolation approach to expedite the isolation of novel gut bacteria.
  • Biobank of isolates

    Biobank from healthy donor stool material containing novel microbial isolate cultures which represent potential therapeutic candidates.
  • Lead characterisation

    Range of experimental models (in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo) to characterise potential therapeutic activities.
  • Manufacturability

    Detailed assessment to identify the most efficacious leads with strong manufacturing characteristics.

Our therapeutic discovery

Microba's human first, data-driven approach is generating multiple therapeutic opportunities to address unmet clinical needs.
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Discovery Platform

Leveraging a globally unique microbiome databank

Through its world-leading technology, Microba has generated a databank of metagenomic gut microbiome samples and associated metadata to develop new health solutions.
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