Therapeutic platform

Using a human-first, data-driven approach to therapeutic discovery

Microba’s discovery platform uses human data and leading informatic approaches to connect microbial genotype to human phenotype.

We are making important advancements in medicine by harnessing the microbiome as a rich source of novel therapeutics.

Our therapeutic approach

Our core belief is that comprehensive and precise measurement of the human gut microbiome is required to reveal disease-relevant biomarkers to drive new therapeutic opportunities. Disease-relevant microbial data, when contrasted with large control datasets, provide a rich source of novel therapeutic candidates. We apply leading data analysis techniques, including artificial intelligence, to interpret this complex biological data.

Our discovery pipeline uses a unique approach to culturing novel bacteria through genome-directed isolation. Pioneered by Professor Gene Tyson in 2005, this method provides us with novel disease-relevant bacterial isolates for pre-clinical experimentation. Our data-driven approach is agnostic to the therapeutic modality and includes both live biotherapeutic and bioactive programs.

Revealing therapeutic leads

"The precision of our metagenomic analysis reveals a world of untapped opportunity."
Associate Professor Lutz Krause Chief Scientific Officer

Our Therapeutic programs

Microba has two major therapeutic programs underway using insights from our leading analysis platform and our unique approach to genome-directed isolation.

Program Stage Milestone Collaborator
Inflammatory Bowel Disease Pre-clinical Phase 1 -
Immuno-Oncology Neoadjuvant Therapy Discovery Pre-clinical -