Our Discovery Platform

A globally unique databank for microbiome discovery

Develop new health solutions from the gut microbiome

The microbiome represents a rich source of biology and chemistry to develop new products for improving human health. Unravelling this requires large, well-controlled datasets.

Through its world-leading technology, Microba has generated a large databank of metagenomic gut microbiome samples and associated health and diet data to realise these opportunities.

Microba’s Discovery Platform enables partners to access this databank for data-driven discovery of product opportunities.

  • Enabling evidence-based product development
  • Generating multiple therapeutic leads
  • Discovery of diagnostic or prognostic biomarkers
  • Scientific discovery of novel food and nutrition solutions

Our data-driven approach to discovery

  • Comprehensive cohort with health data

    Over 15,000 consistently analysed samples with more than 1,500 health metadata points per sample to be explored.
  • Advanced bioinformatics, AI and biostatistics

    Inform product development by revealing differences in species, genes and pathways between cohorts using the best approaches.
  • Highly accurate microbial signatures

    Discover reliable signals by combining world-leading profiling with the most systemically consistent microbial taxonomy.
  • Investigate complex relationships

    Extensive metadata including medical history, medication, diet and lifestyle enables robust insights.
  • Discover translatable results

    Understand microbiome community signatures and identify factors promoting health associated species.
  • Identify novel species as leads

    Mining genomic data reveals species that are previously unidentified and not described by science.

Powering evidence-based products

Harness the microbiome-health connection by identifying health and disease associated organisms - and how to influence them - to develop prebiotic, probiotic or postbiotics supplements.
Microbiome Research

Therapeutic Platform

Developing new treatments for chronic disease

Precision techniques drive precision access to novel microbial therapeutics to target unmet clinical needs for chronic diseases.
Therapeutic Platform