Powerful analysis platform

Our microbiome analysis combines leading technology and research

Our world-leading proprietary analysis platform — the Microba Community Profiler — allows new discoveries through comprehensive and precise measurement of the human gut microbiome. It uses one of the most accurate genome-based metagenomic profiling algorithms and our expertly curated proprietary reference database — the Microba Genome Database — to give superior resolution for identifying microorganisms and their functions.

Our growing database of microbial genomes is quality-controlled for genome completeness and taxonomic accuracy. Using the most scientifically-advanced microbial taxonomy (the Genome Taxonomy Database), our world-leading database is regularly updated with new genomes to improve species identification from samples.

By combining our advanced bioinformatic analysis with our expanding database of known and novel species, we have exceptional ability to achieve accurate species and functional profiles. Our process includes placing sequencing reads into genomic context for high-resolution species-specific and sample-wide gene profiles and metabolic-pathway analysis.

Measure with precision

Rely on our comprehensive microbiome coverage

Best performance in species prediction

Our platform outperforms other classifiers by 5-20%

Fewer false positives

We report 4 to 16 times fewer false positive species

Superior resolution

Our process is optimised to detect species even at low abundances

Identifies more species

Using our proprietary reference database, we achieve unmatched coverage
More than
4 to 16
times fewer false positive species
Up to
of DNA reads identified
bacterial and archaeal species in our reference database

Powering discovery

“Microba continues to push the boundaries of the known gut microbiome and will remain at the forefront of measurement and discovery.”
Professor Phil Hugenholtz Co-founder

More discoveries for greater advancements in human health

The precision and scope of our approach to microbiome analysis underpins everything we do. We insist on maintaining the highest scientific rigour and integrity, with new discoveries and technological advances being at the core of our work. Our metagenomic classifier, the Microba Community Profiler, provides comprehensive and accurate species profiles to deliver unmatched coverage of the microbiome.