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Our vision

Creating a world where human health is transformed by microbiome science

We are a diverse multidisciplinary team motivated by challenging problems at the forefront of microbiome science, genomics, product and technology development and drug discovery. Microba is principled in scientific rigour and utilises world-leading scientific, engineering and quality assurance processes that underpin developing and delivering compelling microbiome health solutions.

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  • Impact people's lives on a global scale
  • Collaborate with experts in the field
  • Work with dedicated, innovative leaders
  • Share a passion for making a real difference

Core values

  • Our mission is to pioneer health solutions that harness our deep understanding of the microbiome.

  • Unlock Better Health

    We’re dedicated to understanding the microbiome, but never lose sight of the bigger picture - making a significant improvement to the everyday health and wellbeing of people.
  • Think Big

    Ambitious and ever-curious, we approach problems with a pioneers mindset, embracing possibility to develop innovative and effective solutions.
  • Accelerate Positive Change

    With a sense of urgency, but a steady hand, we work tirelessly to grow, overcome obstacles and drive progress.
  • Create Together

    We’re a diverse team of specialists, united in our pursuit of the best outcomes. We value honest communication, genuine collaboration and open sharing of ideas and knowledge.
  • Set the Standard

    Agile, focused, and unwavering in our conviction, with precision and a commitment to quality, we strive to excel and continually raise the bar.

Postgraduate internships

Expand and enhance your professional experience by bringing your postgraduate/PhD industry placement to Microba. Expressions of interest for 2024 are now open across a diverse range of business units.
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Supporting today's leaders of tomorrow

Inspired by our founders, who made far-reaching breakthroughs in the analysis of the gut microbiome, we continue to empower novel discoveries for medical innovation.
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