Tailored methods for microbiome isolation and growth

Strain isolation services for innovative product development

From in silico assessment and using anaerobic isolation methods to characterization and functional screening, Microba’s experienced team can help you to find and isolate unique strains.

With proven success in identifying and isolating optimal, previously uncultured strains, leverage Microba's expertise to complement and expedite your R&D programs.

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  • Isolate known or previously uncultured species
  • Isolate anaerobic microbes with custom and high-throughput techniques
  • Access Microba’s stool donor and strain banks
  • Close isolate genomes for full characterization
  • Growth optimization
  • In vitro screening & functional assessment
  • Target the best strains

    In silico assessment of sub-species clades and their associations with phenotype to ensure you isolate the strains to achieve your desired health impact.
  • Robust isolation techniques

    Isolate new microbes, including previously uncultured species using custom and high-throughput strategies.
  • Growth optimization

    Optimize growth of new strains to maximize growth potential and accelerate your program timeline.

Other services

  • Sequencing

    • Shotgun metagenomics
    • Automated workflow
  • Bioinformatics

    • Community profiling
    • Genome mining
  • Analysis & Reporting

    • Advanced AI
    • Results interpretation
  • Strain Tracking

    • Strain level analysis
    • Isolate characterization

Benchmarked against competing technology

Published and peer-reviewed in Frontiers in Microbiology, our core technology demonstrates unparalleled performance when compared to other metagenomic technologies.
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Analysis Platform

Measure the microbiome with unparalleled coverage

Our end-to-end solution for microbiome analysis is optimized at every step to ensure consistent and reliable results for your research.
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