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Advance your research with reliable metagenomic sequencing data

Accurately identify microorganisms and their genes

Shotgun metagenomics can be used to explore the diversity, function, and ecology of microbial communities.

Microba delivers reproducible, high-quality metagenomic sequence data to enable high-resolution taxonomic and functional data for your research question.

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  • High throughput whole genome sequencing
  • Highly automated workflow
  • Advanced instrumentation
  • High number of positive and negative controls
  • Certified to international medical standard
  • Optimised sample processing workflows

    Sample QC, nucleic acid extraction, quantification and library preparation for reliable data outputs.
  • Flexible sequencing runs for each study

    High-throughput shotgun metagenomic sequencing using the Illumina NovaSeq™ 6000.
  • Strict quality control measures

    Sample preparation and sequencing workflows accredited to ISO 15189 by NATA.

Other services

  • Strain Tracking

    • Strain level analysis
    • Isolate characterization
  • Bioinformatics

    • Strain tracking
    • Genome mining
  • Analysis & Reporting

    • Advanced AI
    • Results interpretation
  • Strain Isolation & Screening

    • Robust isolation
    • Growth optimization

Generate robust results in your microbiome research

Our gut microbiome sample processing workflow has been developed by a highly skilled laboratory team with significant experience in microbiome analysis.
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Analysis Platform

Measure the microbiome with unparalleled coverage

Our end-to-end solution for microbiome analysis is optimised at every step to ensure consistent and reliable results for your research.
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