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Next-generation gastrointestinal diagnostics

Pioneering next-generation diagnostic application for specialists, clinicians and patients

An international leader in microbial genomics, Microba's world-leading precision metagenomics technology enables specialists and clinicians to elevate clinical diagnoses, decision-making and standard of care.

  • International leader in microbial genomics
  • Extensively validated technology
  • Comprehensive and precise diagnosis
  • Report difficult-to-identify pathogens
  • Shotgun metagenomic next-gen sequencing

MetaPanel™ for pathogen detection

A world-first metagenomic test enabling better management for susceptible and high-risk patient groups. MetaPanel™ is available across Australia via Sonic Healthcare's pathology practices network.
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MetaXplore™ for healthcare

A range of advanced diagnostics delivered under the brand Co-Biome™, MetaXplore™ provides practitioners with a comprehensive view of diagnostic gastrointestinal markers and metagenomic-driven gut microbiome insights.
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World-leading expertise

Microba's advanced diagnostics are built on the expertise of our innovative team working at the leading edge of diagnostic application.
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Global capability for advanced diagnostics

Map of world highlighting locations Microba provide microbiome testing solutions

Analysis Platform

An end-to-end solution for microbiome analysis

Our advanced diagnostics are powered by Microba's core technology for measuring the microbiome with metagenomics, developed over more than 15 years.
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Delivering advanced diagnostics

Elevating clinical diagnoses, decision-making and standard of care through next-generation diagnostic application.